Welcome to The Earthing Den

A space for dog moms to connect, nurture their relationships, and create a soul essence pack.

About Us

I created The Earthing Den to bring you together with equally passionate dog moms to create a lifestyle through nature that will allow you to master your energy and nurture your body, mind, & spirit. When you connect to your inner soul essence only then can you release negative patterns & embody your true purpose. In addition, by including our four legged friends, you will discover new experiences and create deeper bonds.

Meet Our Founder RannaLynn:

I believe because of the strong bonds we have with our dogs they often take on our stresses and mirror our lifestyle choices.

As a Certified Canine Massage and Holistic Wellness Practitioner, I have always loved working with dogs. Then through my practice I started noticing a trend with an overall rise in their anxiety. It was my own self discovery journey with my dog when I finally realized that our energy is mirrored in the behaviors of our dogs, good or bad. Because of the strong bonds we have, we actually share energy fields. It's a dog's natural instinct to rely on the pack's overall energy for survival. Therefore, we must first look to ourselves and our energy when working to heal our dogs. 

Why You Should Join Us

In the The Earthing Den, we want you to get immediate value to nourish your soul.  

  • Exclusive app access to The Earthing Den to create your own custom experience, a high vibe space to connect with others to nurture and feed your soul.
  • Monthly virtual Earthing Circle lead by Ranna Lynn, each month to embody new habits & rituals you can apply immediately to connect to your soul essence and improve your life.  
  • Seasonal Guide that may include journal prompts, rituals, meditations, and other relatable info related to each season.
  • Exclusive Workshops only offered through this community.
  • Access to my inside circle with off-the-cuff conversations of what’s happening in my world and first dibs/ exclusive access to join my events/ courses and more! 

A Nature Note

Thank you for your interest in creating a soul led life and bringing harmony through nature and the elements. I look forward to meeting you inside! 

Peace, Love, & Paws, Ranna Lynn 

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