Welcome to The Earthing Den

Embrace your unique energetic blueprint through The Elemental Lifestyling Method™

About Us

The Earthing Den is designed as a lifestyle community & resource for you to harmonize your unique energetic blueprint. 

We are here to guide and EMPOWER you to CREATE personalized rituals through CONNECTION with the 5 ELEMENTS. While learning to NURTURE your soul essence to release negative patterns and embody your true purpose. 

Meet Our Founder RannaLynn:

I believe in a different style of living outside of the patriarchal norm that you need to do more and get more to be happy. Over time we have been too far removed from knowing and trusting ourselves and our own energy. We are too busy thinking about what we should be doing, what others think, or trying to hide parts of ourselves that may be outside the "norm". For more than 2 years I have been using and perfecting this method with myself and my clients. 

The Elemental Lifestyling Method ™ - a customized strategy based on your unique energy to understand and recognize ALL of the elements and different facets with-in you. By using the cyclical timelines of nature and the Elemental Wellness Wheel you will learn how to CONNECT with each part of your soul and CREATE custom rituals to NURTURE a lifestyle that is energetically aligned for your happiness!  

Why You Should Join Us

In the The Earthing Den, we want you to get immediate value to nourish your soul.  

  • Exclusive app access to The Earthing Den to create your own custom experience, a high vibe space to connect with others to nurture and feed your soul.
  • Virtual Earthing Circles on each Equinox & Solstice, to embody the essence of each element and create lifestyle rituals you can apply immediately to connect to your soul essence and improve your life.  
  • Guides & Worksheets that may include journal prompts, rituals, meditations, and other relatable info related to each elemental season.
  • Lifestyle Tools to pair with each element such as Crystals, Playlists, Essential Oils, Foods/Herbs, Movements & More
  • Exclusive Workshops only offered through this community.
  • Access to the inside with off-the-cuff convos of what’s happening in my world and first dibs/ exclusive access to join my events/ courses and more! 

A Nature Note

Thank you for your interest in creating a soul led life and bringing harmony to your energy through nature and the elements. I look forward to meeting you inside! 

Peace, Love, & Paws, Ranna Lynn